Numinda Santhasiri has over 25 years of experience in reading birth charts,applying principles of Vedic astrology. Reading a chart is like reading a biography of a person chapter by chapter. It can provide accurate guidance on future direction, whilst analysing past and present situation. At times there are remedies to lessen the negative impact and improve a situation, which you can undertake.

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ග්‍රහබල සිද්ධාන්තයන්

Added On 07/18/12

ග්‍රහ බල සිද්ධාන්තයන් 1

ෙසනසුරු අපලයට ශාන්තිකර්ම

Added On 01/11/12

ෙසනසුරු අපලය දුරු කරවන ගණ ෙදවි වන්දනාව